1. System Restoration: This service involves restoring your computer’s operating system (OS) to a previous healthy state. It’s useful when you encounter system crashes or unexpected issues.

  2. OS Maintenance & Tweaking: Experts perform regular maintenance tasks to optimize your OS, including updates, performance enhancements, and fine-tuning settings.

  3. Backup Systems: Setting up reliable backup solutions to protect your data. This includes automated backups of files, applications, and system configurations.

  4. Shared Internet Access: Configuring network access for multiple devices to share an internet connection. This can be wired or wireless, depending on your needs.

  5. OS Sales, Upgrade & Installation: Providing OS licenses, upgrading to newer versions, and ensuring smooth installation on your devices.

  6. System Inventory: Creating an inventory of hardware and software components in your network. This helps with management, troubleshooting, and planning.

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