JPComps offers advanced solutions for access control in offices and buildings. These systems allow exhaustive management of user movements, including employees and temporary staff.

Some key features are:

Intuitive and Global Management: The JPComps application allows comprehensive administration from a single platform.

Pedestrian Access to Offices: Use intelligent systems to guarantee exterior perimeter security and beautify spaces.

Perimeter Security: Control exterior entrance doors with equipment resistant to extreme environmental conditions.

Access by Turnstiles and Elevators: Offers a wide range of readers (fingerprint, card or mobile) for complete and aesthetic control in elevators and turnstiles.

Parking Access Control: Efficiently manage vehicle access to the building, with specific solutions for quick and comfortable access.

Vehicle Access: Configure your parking with remote reading of UHF cards, video intercom to receive visitors, high security card readers and automatic license plate recognition.

Video intercom: Receive your visitors with a sophisticated video intercom that allows you to manage access for registered employees and non-accredited visitors.

Comprehensive Security: Investing in appropriate access control technology is essential to protect people and property. Bosch Security and Safety also offers advanced solutions in this field.

In short, these advanced access control systems provide security, efficiency and aesthetics in both offices and homes.

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